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Integral Concrete Waterproofing
Penetron® Industry Newsletter
May 2008

Welcome to another edition of the Penetron industry newsletter. In this edition we celebrate the successful establishment of PENETRON HELLAS LTD. - see full story under Penetron News.

Penetron is happy to report to our many friends around the world in the ready-mix industry about an easier way of dosing Penetron Admix in their concrete. Due to high demand, Penetron Admix is available in water-soluble bags. Initially launched in the Australian market, the new water-soluble packaging has received many positive reviews and has since been offered all across the globe. Additional information can be found under the Penetron feature below.

Further, designers of sewage treatment plants around the world increasingly recognize the protection Penetron products offers against chemical attack. This is resulting in a multitude of water treatment specifications for Penetron around the globe we showcase facilities in Brazil, Greece and Argentina and offer the Milan-Sud Water treatment case study for download.

Penetron® news: Penetron® Hellas continues to build beyond its first year of business.
Mr. Robert Revera, CEO and Managing Partner of ICS / Penetron International Ltd and Mr. Theodor Mentzikofakis, Managing Partner of Penetron Hellas LTD. shake hands on the formation of Penetron Hellas in 2006

After a decade of increasing its market share in Greece, ICS Penetron International established a Greek subsidiary in November 2006. Penetron Hellas' focus continues to be a distribution point for Penetron products and consolidate relationships with members of the Greek construction industry at all levels, while facilitating the continued expansion, education and awareness of the Penetron brand.

Mr. Mentzikofakis, General Director / Managing Partner of Penetron Hellas, has an extensive track record rooted in both large scale construction and construction chemical manufacturing companies. He also brings local know-how, relationships and expertise in management in Greece and surrounding countries.

The levels of quality and service Penetron Hellas offers its customers in the Greek market are setting new standards in the local industry. Mr. Mentzikofakis and his team have successfully completed their first year in business and are committed to establishing Penetron as the leading brand in Greece.

Penetron® Feature: Penetron Admix available in soluble bags

Our customers recognize Penetron Admix as the most effective way of providing long term concrete waterproofing. However, many customers require a more convenient dosing method not offered by our 18kg/40lb bag and 25kg/55lb pail packaging. In order to meet the needs of these customers, water-soluble polymer bag packaging was developed. Once this product comes in contact with water, the water-soluble packaging dissolves thereby releasing Penetron Admix into the batch of concrete. Dosing calculations and measurements have been simplified by the units of water-soluble bags, therefore making the dosing process quicker, easier, dust-free and environmentally friendly.

Penetron Admix packaged in soluble bags is available in 18kg/40lb cardboard boxes.

Penetron® worldwide:  
FOCUS on sewage treatment plants

Increasing numbers of sewage treatment plant designers are turning to Penetron solutions as they offer both long term integral waterproofing AND long term protection against chemical attack. Moreover, there is practically no maintenance required. If you wish to learn more about how Penetron products protect concrete under attack from sewage, please contact us at For a complete overview of how Penetron products offer total protection for water treatment plants, you may download the Milan-Sud water treatment plant (Italy) case study here.

BRAZIL - Taubate - Sao Paulo  SABESP sewage treatment plant

SABESP, the largest basic sanitation company in Latin America utilized the Penetron system in accomplishing their mission of providing impartial universal sanitation and improving both health and quality of life of the residents in São Paulo. This SABESP sewage treatment plant is located In Taubate, São Paulo in the region of Vale do Paraiba, one of the most industrialized regions in Brazil. This plant received a design award from the National Water Agency. After extensive internal lab tests proved the benefits of Penetron in protecting concrete, the Penetron system was chosen to protect all the tanks and seal the existing shrinkage cracks. Penetron's effectiveness was visible to the customer as nearly all leaks and cracks were sealed within 2 weeks (see photos below). The SABESP plant will treat all of the sewage of both Taubate and the adjacent region of Tremembe totaling a combined population of over 300'000 people. The current capacity of the first phase is set at 1'050 l/s and will increase approximately 40% to 1'450 l/s by the year 2020.

click to enlarge photo
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Photo taken on March 14, 2008, while Penetron has already sealed the majority of the leaks, there is still substantial leakage through cracks
Photo taken on March 29, 2008, Penetron has now almost completely stopped the leakage on this tank
GREECE Katerini - sewage treatment plant PENEBAR application

In October 2007, the city of Katerini in Northern Greece began construction of its wastewater treatment plant that will treat the city's entire sewage volume. The contractors, a joint venture between WWTP Katerini and the Austrian company SWIETELSKY G, shared concern regarding the potential for leakage through the cold joints in the concrete. The contractors decided to install PENEBAR SW-45 Type A to prevent seepage, as this product swells rapidly upon contact with water serving as a waterproofing barrier. (Click here to download Penebar brochure). 3'000 meters of Penebar SW-45 with Penebar primer were installed on this project and negotiations are in progress regarding the application of Penetron to 26'000 sqm of concrete.

3000 meter of Penebar SW-45 were installed on this plant
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ARGENTINA Parana sewage treatment plant

Paraná, the capital city of the Argentine province of Entre Ríos, is located on the eastern shore of the Paraná River. The city has a population of 237,968. Despite the Parana River's size and volume and apparent capacity to absorb and dilute current effluents, an alarming number of cities have been discharging their untreated waste water into the river. As such, concern regarding these adverse impacts on the ecology and public health has grown and the construction of the Paraná WWTP is part of the effort to address these problems.

In 2007 engineers analyzed the numerous benefits of utilizing the Penetron system to waterproof and protect the WWTP and ultimately chose to specify Penetron in both topical and admixture forms. Initially the cracks and surface problems were treated with Penecrete Mortar and approximately 6'000 sqm of the tank's surface was treated with a coating of Penetron. Additionally, Penetron Admix was applied to various critical parts of the project, treating nearly 650 m 3 of the main plant building.

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USA - Saxonburg WWTP Project - Butler County, Pennsylvania

Over 1'000 malfunctioning on lot sewer systems and 10 dilapidated sewage treatment plants were eliminated when the Saxonburg Area Authority completed its 65 million dollar Wastewater Treatment Regionalization Project in April 2007. The project consisted of a 2.05 MGD treatment plant, multiple sanitary sewer Pumping Stations and approximately 90 miles of sanitary sewers throughout multiple municipalities. Penetron Admix was chosen to waterproof 3 cast-in-place pumping stations that were designed 15 to 25 feet below the ground water level in the project area. The waterproof design of the pump stations was critical as the stations were strategically placed in close proximity to low lying wetlands and environmentally sensitive watersheds with the purpose of pumping sewage between multiple drainage basins.

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