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April 18, 2018

Moraine State Park: PENETRON Keeps the Tank Intact

Inaugurated April 2018, the new Moraine State Park Wastewater Treatment Plant in Prospect (PA) was constructed with PENETRON ADMIX to ensure a durable and waterproof concrete structure.

Located in northwestern Pennsylvania near the crossroads of I–79 and I–80, the Moraine State Park is visited by over a million people each year for boating, hiking, biking and swimming. A perfect example of environmental engineering, the park was created after a decades-long effort that transformed a former coal mining, and oil and gas drilling site into a verdant 16,725-acre recreation area and natural preserve.

Because the rivers and lakes in and around the park are an important part of the area’s attraction for tourists, the community of Prospect, PA, was concerned that the existing wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was insufficient to address the increased amount of wastewater and meet more stringent clean water standards. The decision was to demolish the old plant and build a completely new WWTP with the necessary added capacity and technology to meet clean water regulations for both the community and the State Park. 

PENETRON Delivers Performance Advantages

A central element of any WWTP is the concrete treatment tank. The Moraine State Park WWTP project called for a 90’x40’x18’ (tall) storm-water detention reservoir (SDR) tank with 18-inch walls, divided into five separate tanks. However, the first challenge was stabilizing such a massive structure in a very poor soil comprised of clay and sand that would trap any rainwater, immediately flooding the construction site. 

“Hickes Associates, the project contractor, had over 100 piles driven into the soil as a foundation to place the tank,” noted Christopher Chen, Director of the Penetron Group. “It was like there was no bottom to the construction site”

Once the piles were in place, it was time to pour the concrete. The concrete supplier was already familiar with a competitive waterproofing admixture, but, after careful consideration of the performance and ease of use advantages, opted for PENETRON ADMIX. The crystalline admixture was added to approximately 1,000 cubic yards (765 m3) of concrete used for the treatment tank. 

Green Tracer – Unique in the Industry

PENETRON ADMIX is an industry-leading admixture that effectively reduces concrete permeability – and provides a self-healing capability to the matrix. The integrated “green tracer,” which becomes visible as a light green tint in the bleed water, also provides the construction team with a reliable identification control tool – proof that “PENETRON is in the mix.” The tracer is non-toxic and disappears once the bleed water dries.

“This was the first time Hickes used PENETRON products, and the job went very well,” says Mr. Chen. “Concrete tanks of this size are always a challenge, but the Moraine State Park project went extremely well.”

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